Aakhir kab tak

Aakhir Kab Tak – Off to a Strong Start!

The first episode of Aakhir Kab Tak aired recently and I have a lot more to say about it. Though I wouldn’t say the episode was too good or a must-watch. But it delivered so many important messages which need to be addressed. The highlight of the episode was Ushna Shah’s strong appearance. She calls out the hypocritical men of society including her fiancé and father. She’s not afraid of anyone. She is the kind of protagonist we all need right now. On the other hand, Srha Asghar performed equally with brilliance the role of underconfident, afraid of everyone kind of girl. 

It is the fact, in a typical household where children will see their mother goes through domestic violence from their father, they will eventually come out like “Fajar” Played by Srha Asghar. Ushna Shah is the opposite yet the protector of her sister. I’m glad that they didn’t show up sister rivalry formula once again. We can relate with the characters very much because they are realistic, believable, and taken from our hypocritical society. All characters depicted their very much real sides which we often see many times around.

Aakhir Kab Tak drama story:

The important issues covered by the beginning episode were domestic violence, sexual harassment, differentiation between cousins and bahus by grandmother, and so on…! I wouldn’t say it’s the first time we are seeing this in a drama, but I would like to say it is important. Because it is not ended yet. It still happens and, it needs to end now. As the title of the drama suggests ” Aakhir Kab Tak “? It’s a question from the makers to us…. When wills this end?

Aakhir kab tak

We need to think about it. We need to do something about it. These social taboos must be highlighted… We just can’t afford this now… We are already going through a lot of bigger issues and problems. How are we going to deal with them if we can’t just handle our basic problems…? We are a progressive country but still, our girls are not safe at their workplace, schools, colleges, and other institutions as well… Why? Why do our mothers have to face the brutality of their Saas and husbands just because they are not well educated and are unaware of their rights…? We need to understand the issues from their roots!

Children go through mental sickness, and they become underconfident physically when they see their parents disrespecting each other… Their mother is doing all her duties, but her father is still abusing her… Torturing her mentally and physically as well. Isn’t it the injustice and hypocrisy of our society that we can’t take a stand against this just by saying it’s not our business it’s their matter they will solve this on their own…? How will they solve it? They are the ones ruining it on their own then how will they fix it if a sane person will not jump into this mess?

Future of the show

The drama is going to be more intense, and I’m not sure if I would be able to watch it or not… But as far as performances are concerned, they were all decent and good… Ushna Shah is back with finally a good character after “Balaa” And Srha Asghar was phenomenal too. I’m glad that she took this role because she played “Washma” Previously in “Pyar Ke Sadqay” And it was the opposite character from this one. We can see the versatility level of both Ushna and Srha in “Aakhir Kab Tak”.

Aakhir kab tak cast

I’m damn sure it will get fewer views and ratings because it’s not like our typical audience mood who loves to watch Fantasy-based dramas on geo tv including Khuda Aur Mohabbat, Fitoor, Qayamat, and all.

But still, the number of audiences are watching this drama, if they get the message the makers want to deliver, if they take initiative to break this stereotype from their own lives then I think it’s enough for the whole team of “Aakhir Kab Tak”. Because eventually, it’s for the audience that is still afraid to speak up for their rights. So, if the victims come out and ask for their rights publicly then definitely it’s a success for everyone going through the same issues in life. It would be motivation for the many people out there. For more in-depth reviews Click Here.