Ajeeb Daastaans Review – Incredibly Strong Stories!

As expected, Ajeeb Daastaans review is something unique, different, and out of the box to watch. If you are willing to watch Masala Kind of Bollywood Movie, then definitely it’s not for you. 

It’s only for a niche audience who loves to watch extraordinary kinds of stories with some texture of suspense, emotions, thrill, and of course a dark kind of subject.

Every story has a different aspect of representing life in a unique and kind of fresh way.

Ajeeb Daastaans covers four different stories. “Majnu”, ” Khilona “, ” Geeli Pucchi “, & ” Ankahi”.

Ajeeb Daastaans review

“Majnu” Starring Fatima Sana Sheikh, from the trailer, it was looking like a very typical Masala kind of subject, but Oh Man, it’s something else. It covers the thrill, suspense, lustful, dark-themed eundra in a very stable and subtle way.

Ajeeb Daastaans Review- Plot Of “Majnu”:

A married couple is unhappy as they have no physical relationship in progress. Entry of the most important character, which Fatima will eventually fall for. And this isn’t it. It’s not a simple, formula extramarital affair story. What’s the twist? You must watch the movie to find out.

All the actors include in “Majnu” Did a fantastic job. The direction was the finest. Though the reason was kind of not so convincing, the powerful execution was fair enough to bear the flaw.


“Khilona” Starring “Nushratt Bharuccha” was a kind of torture storytelling. One Moment, you will smile at the characters, and the other moment you will feel awkward. The child star did a very good job in her character. Nushratt was convincing too in her role. Moreover, I would say, she portrayed a Maid’s character realistically.

Ajeeb Daastaans Review- Plot Of “Khilona”:

While discussing Ajeeb Daastaans Review lets talk about the Plot, I was unable to understand what was the exact story. Or what message they wanted to deliver. Yeah, I got the main theme, both rich people and the poor are kind of toys for each other. But what was the ending? It was confusing or understandable for me. Maybe they wanted a mysterious element to create a buzz, but I have to say, they failed. Excluding the unclear ending and plot, you will love the background music they used in this part of the film especially. The direction is v good. Performances from all the actors are solid. So, yeah it was a treat to watch.


“Ankahi” Starring “Shefali Shah” was yet another beautiful storytelling. The main theme was “Actions speak louder than words”!! And what an extraordinary way of defining this quote in a 30-minute duration film. 

For me, the highlight of “Ankahi” was definitely “Manav Kaul. ” He beautifully portrayed sign language. Yeah, he acted with his eyes. More than a female character, this time a male character was looking sexy AF in this ‘eyes speaks everything’ formula. It was a plus point that the chemistry between Shefali Shah and Manav Kaul was crackling. The climax scene was very much impactful.

“Geeli Puchi:”

Now talking about the most beautiful original of “Ajeeb Daastaans”, ” Geeli Puchi”!!” 

Starring The Powerhouse of Talent “Konkona Sen Sharma” & the versatile, very beautiful “Aditi Rao Hyderi”. It was the best story amongst them all. Beautiful yet realistic! Powerful yet poetic. Understandable yet unique and different.

Konkona Sen Sharma is just mind-blowing as usual. She nailed her character. Very much realistic, very much believable, very much powerful. I’m just in love with her performance. What the finest actor she is!!

Plot Of “Geeli Puchi”:

Two different girls. One is superior because she has a better cast and surname. While the other is beautiful because she has a fairer complexion. The other one, dark-skinned, ugly(apparently), belongs to a lower class and cast, masculine type!! Their interactions… And then the magic happens… The trailer hinted at Lesbianism, but it’s not about lesbianism at all. It’s about the reality that every human being must face in their life certainly.

Aditi Rao Hyderi on the other hand is a sheer delight to watch her presence was like a poem beautiful poem instead! It’s her unique screen presence and pretty Aura that marks her a very versatile performer. She did justice to her character completely as well.

Final Verdict of Ajeeb Daastaans Review:

So my final Ajeeb Daastaans Review would be a rate of 8.5 stars out of ten. A must-watch!!For more such reviews Click here