Tana banaa

Tanaa Banaa- Alizeh Shah & Danyal Zafar’s strong Chemistry

“Tanaa Banaa ” First episode aired recently and we have to say this Danyal Zafar has made a fresh appearance with the renowned actor Alizeh Shah. It is his first-ever drama yet his acting was not weak or immature. As the character was required, He acted very nicely.

The plot of Tanaa Banaa:

The story is very simple and light-hearted. Eventually, you will like it because there’s no such big issue to talk about. It’s only for enjoyment purposes. It will make u smile because there’s not a single character who is over the top. The characters are calm, cool, and likable.

Danyal And Alizeh Shah’s Chemistry in Tanaa Banaa:

I have to say the casting is really good. The main lead looks like a young and fresh couple. Both Danyal and Alizeh Shah are making a good pair. So thumps up for their chemistry.

Doubts On Alizeh Shah’s Performance in Tanaa Banaa:

Though she acted very maturely and she looked good in the beginning episode of the drama. But yet I’m not so sure that her character will turn into a typical loud girl which we’ve already seen in the previous seasons of “Suno Chanda” And many other comedy plays.

I’m not a fan of Pakistani light-hearted dramas mostly but maybe because of Danyal, I would continue watching it. 

You can watch it as it’s light-hearted, enjoyable, and tension-free. For more reviews Click here