Bigg Boss 15

Bigg Boss 15 – Super Jungli Entertaining Opening!!

So, today we’re gonna talk about the most popular tv show Bigg boss 15 who’s currently the talk of the town as well. Started recently, creating a lot of buzz around people already!!

How was the premiere night of Bigg boss 15?

Talking about the premiere night of Bigg boss 15, it was super entertaining, in fact, the powerhouse of entertainment, I would like to say. The theme was new and refreshing of shooting it into a ‘jungle’ (forest). It is because that’s what the premise, promos, and channel were hinting about before the beginning of the show. They portrayed that it’s gonna be super entertaining and completely new as well.

On the Bigg boss 15 premiere night, we only didn’t see the new theme, but it was the whole execution that turned out unique and stylish I would say. From the entry of contestants to the treatment of the whole house, the whole look was very refreshing to witness!! Not only the contestants gave a breath of fresh air vibes but the new addition of “Vishwasundari” Was extremely entertaining and super fun… This is the voice-over of Bollywood’s legendary actress “Rekha” Who is well known for her super seductive voice as well. She’s doing complete justice to her character and her presence adds more charm to the show as well.

Bigg boss 15 contestant Jay Bhanushali:

At the beginning of Bigg boss 15, we got to see the entry of the first contestant “Jay Bhanushali”. He directly got the opportunity to enter without interacting with the host of the show “Salman Khan” And performing on the stage as well. He was the first one for whom Salman Khan himself entered the house to communicate and interact…

And it was kind of odd. I was like, why this is happening in Bigg boss 15, dude? What’s the actual reason behind that? I was wondering and hoping that I might have clarity behind doing this purposely but sadly I didn’t give that till the end of the episode.

So, I assumed naturally probably he’s going to be the channel’s new favorite and biased contestant as well in Bigg boss 15 … Yeah, it happens every year and there’s not such a good reason behind doing this partiality at all, sadly. Well, so Irrespective of the channel’s biased towards him, talking about his personality, I found him very cunningly strong!! That could be qualified to win Bigg boss 15, but for me, it defines your negative shade of traits!! And u truly got negative vibes from him as well…

But he was very lucky because not only the host of Bigg boss 15 Salman Khan entered to welcome him, the voice of Vishwasundari also talked to him through mic piece and hinted to him that she will be blessed upon him in the future as well if he will obey all her rules… The makers might be hinted at their partiality towards him through Vishwasundari Ji, in other words, would be more appropriate.

Bigg boss 15 contestant Vishal Kotian:

Well, moving forward, we’ve got a very interesting contestant in Bigg boss 15, Vishal Kotian who was super fun to watch, his vibes were a positive and entertaining mixture of both. And he’s got the aura to appear as an interesting contestant individually as well… Then we’ve got Vidhi Pandeya who was given the tag of “Panda” As she appeared to be very quiet and lazy as well… She seems less interesting to me to be very honest…

Biggboss15 contestant Simba nagpal:

Then we’ve got young actor “Simba Nagpal”… Previously he participated in MTV’S Spitsvilla and was one of the strong contestants and recently we’ve seen him in the very popular tv show ” Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas ki” Which recently got ended. Taking about his personality, he seems to be very overconfident but not in a negative light… Maybe his personality will rise more in the upcoming episodes of Bigg boss 15 so let’s see.

BB15 contestant Umar Riaz:

Now, we’ve got the most charming male contestant of Bigg boss 15, “Umar Riaz” Who is the bigg brother of Bigg Boss 13’s first runner-up ” Asim Riaz “… Fans are crazy about him as we already know. And previously Umar has also made a short yet impactful presence in the popular season of Bigg Boss 13 #BB13… He came at various times to support his brother. And same as him, Asim Riaz also made a small appearance at the premiere night just to support his brother…

Last year, he had an offer of a huge amount of money to appear on #BiggBoss14. But he refused to come. He said that he do not want to be a part of this show anymore. This was a kind of strong and controversial statement. But still, for his brother, his decision might have changed and he appeared on the reality show Bigg boss 15 to show support towards his brother…

Though his entry wasn’t that much pleasing to watch. It was seen clearly that Salman Khan was constantly pulling his leg. He was making fun of him by not even listening to what he was trying to say in all seriousness. That was a kinda disappointment…

Bigg boss 15 contestant Ieshan Sehgal:

Following Umar Riaz, another charming and hot male model made an entry in Bigg boss 15, “Ieshan Sehgal” And he seems to be very passionate but less intellectual as compared to Umar Riaz… Then we’ve got the most negative “Bad Bitch ” & “Vampire of the season ” According to the greatest number of people… Yes, we are talking about “Donal Bisht ” Who made an effortlessly stylish and hot entry…

She was the one who must judge both Umar Riaz & Ieshan Sehgal based on their performance in “Sultani Akhada” To win the survival kit.

And she favored Ieshan Sehgal by declaring him the winner of the task and justified her decision. She said it was a completely fair decision to which Umar Riaz & his fans were keen to reject!! But she didn’t care about that… That’s why she was trolled badly on Twitter and people made hilarious memes on her.

Miesha Iyer seems a strong and calculated player, Akasa Singh was kind of very dumb and maybe less interesting, same goes for Sahil Shroff… He was a very useless and boring contestant in Bigg boss 15 I would say.

Biggboss15 contestant Afsana Khan:

Now talking about a super hilarious contestant of Bigg boss 15, Afsana Khan who is a very well-known singer of Punjab, and her last music single “Titliyaan Warga” Was a super hit worldwide. Fans were eagerly waiting for her entry, and I would say it was worth it, not seriously of course, just in case of providing us a powerful dose of entertainment… She was given the tag of “Bandariya”, And she reacted happily saying Thank you to the host Salman Khan. It was very hilarious, to be honest.

Bigg boss 15 contestant Karan Kundra:

Moving forward another super-hot male contestant in Bigg boss 15 who is a very popular name in the Tv Industry, previously we’ve seen him in many OTT web originals and movies as well… Yes, we are talking about Karan Kundra who’ve got a positive response from people. Those mostly include girls because obviously, he’s very famous to them because of his good looks and attractive personality… His first impression was a captivating personality. He was given the tag of “Wolf’ who is known for his strong cunning nature. But I would say he’s strong in a positive light, more of a bad boy but in a cute manner.

BB15 contestant Tejasswi Prakash:

Lastly, we’ve got everyone’s most favorite contestant from the beginning of Bigg boss 15 she’s not only the highest-paid contestant of the season but most followed celebrity among them all, yes, we are talking about none other than “Tejasswi Prakash” Who’s constantly trending since the beginning of the show… Her fans love her crazily because she was super fun and entertaining in her last show #khatrounKeKhiladi10 as well… Her persona is charming and attractive, she’s bold, super strong, and a mixture of beauty with the brain as well… More of funny and entertaining I would say.

Big boss 15 Tejasswi

Final verdict on Biggboss15 :

So, these were fresh and new contestants of #BiggBoss15… Now talking about the previous show #BiggBossOTT ‘s three most famous finalists who also got the opportunity to enter the show… Shamita Shetty, Prateik Sehajpal, and Nishant Bhatt. The three of them seemed very fresh and confident about their new journey in Bigg boss 15 and by entering, Parteik already fought with Umar Riaz… The reason for the fight was very negligible but it showed that it’s gonna be a tough competition between the two of them. Mouni Roy made a short yet stylish and hot entry, by giving an argumentative first impression task to housemates and welcoming the OTT contestants in the house of Bigg boss 15 as well…

The promo for tomorrow’s episode of Bigg boss 15 showed it’s gonna be a huge fight between Pratik and Jay Bhanushali!! Let’s see what happens, till then stay connected with us.


What is Bigg boss 15 timing?

Bigg Boss 15 has been premiered on TV on 2nd October at 9 pm. It was hosted by Bollywood actor Salman Khan, afterward, Bigg boss 15 timings are at 10:30 pm from Monday to Friday, and on Weekend Ka Vaar at 9 pm only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Can we see Bigg Boss 15 on VOOT?

The subscribers of Voot Select will be able to watch all the drama and fun of Bigg boss 15 in real-time. On Saturday and Sunday, Bigg boss 15 will air on Colors at 10.30 pm.

Who is hosting Bigg Boss 2021?

 Bollywood actor Salman Khan as the host of Bigg boss 15 in 2021.

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