Chupke Chupke Drama

Chupke Chupke- Powerful yet replica of Suno Chanda?

The most Anticipated drama Chupke aired recently, and we have a lot to say about the beginning episode.

Chupke Chupke Drama story:

Talking about the plot of Chupke Chupke its genre is rom-com so we can’t expect something new and fresh. And of course, the writer is Saima Akram Choudhary who previously wrote both seasons 1 & 2 of Suno Chanda. They can call it season 3 as well. But why a new name? As the story seems like the ditto copy of it… Only cast and characters are change, with a new story. But the plot and main theme are just as like Suno Chanda.

Chupke Chupke Drama Cast

Chupke Chupke Drama cast:

Asma Abbas seems like Nadia Afghan’s character. Though her performance was convincingly enjoyable. Uzma Beg on the other hand failed to make me laugh. Her accent was not funny at all. It was cringy instead of it.

Mira Sethi was too loud and not so enjoyable character yet. But let’s see when the story progresses, maybe we could see her act in form as she’s a brilliant actress. Ali Safina was not so bad. I can call it a better performance.

Arsalan Naseer’s Performance in chupke chupke:

Talking about the debutant “Arslan Naseer“. The first episode didn’t cover many scenes of him, yet his presence was likable, and his special accent was a treat to watch. His acting was measured. I liked it.

Arsalan naseer Chupke Chupke

The main lead Osman Khalid Butt was good too. But his pairing with Ayeza Khan didn’t make any sense. I mean yeah, they were looking good together, but According to the story, “Meenu” (Ayeza Khan’s Character) is way too smaller than Osman’s in age.

Should Ayeza Khan be doing a teenage immature girl in Chupke chupke:

I have a serious problem with the casting of a heroine. I’ve no problem with Ayeza Khan as no doubt she’s a wonderful actress. But what character she’s playing? A young teenager immature girl? Seriously? From which angle she looks like a teenager?

And her performance was a bit too over the top. As Iqra Aziz’s was in Suno Chanda. There should be a small age actress which suits to the young teenage girl. Because Ayeza Khan is not fitting into it at all.

Her expressions and acting were enjoyable, yet it was over the top. It should be measured. Or maybe it’s the requirement of the character, and because Ayeza is a married woman, mother of two children that’s why it was looking odd.

Overall, the episode was enjoyable. Good Script, but nothing new to offer. So yeah, if u want to be entertained, then definitely it’s your cup of tea.

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