Cyberbullying Affects a Lot and It’s Not Ok!

Today, I would like to address a very sensitive, yet important topic “Cyberbullying”. Like almost everyone is becoming a victim of it nowadays on social media platforms. 

How can we ignore the impact and importance of social media in our personal lives? Whether it’s positive or negative, it’s affecting us a lot. 

Everyone is going through this social trauma called “Cyberbullying” And then everyone is asking about how to deal with it.

Every person dealing with Cyberbullying or harassment has his own experiences… And based on that experience, he responds to this typical question “how he’s dealing with all the hate, criticism, bullying and all the negative stuff.

Where did Cyberbullying begains?

We’ll go to roots first. From where it begins? Any social media star providing any kind of content to his followers on his social media handles, some people will like it according to their taste and choice…

And some people will not… But is it ok for them to comment on anything personally based on their professional content or social media presence? I guess not. It’s not ok for them to do this on any level.

I would simply say you have options like unfollowing them, block them or report the post which offended you that much that u became this rude to comment on his personal life to a greater extent of course.

They can express their feelings, of course, they can express their disappointment, in limits of course but abusing someone and bullying over his content is just not so cool at all. We need to think about it.

I know people will not stop commenting on others’ life… They will not stop cyberbullying them on their social media appearance … I know people will not stop doing what they want to… But here my question is… 

What if you must go through all of this? What if someone makes fun of you in real or bully you over your pathetic actions of any kind of weakness that you have…? How will you deal with them?

Stop CyberBullying

Like you never know how much your single word can affect someone to a major level. Any hurtful comment can be a trigger point for him… 

You just need to think before you speak anything. And I’m not preaching here at all. I’m just trying to be putting my point of view on what I think about it could be its most useful and applicable solution out there.

Why?? Just to become cool. Do u think it’s cool in any manner? I would like to clear out this misconception… It looks derogatory and disgusting instead of looking cool. Because it defines your level of hypocrisy to which you belong.

I will reiterate that there are options u can follow if u r not liking somebody’s content. Instead of bullying just simply unfollow them… Most of the people in society are big hypocrites I would say. 

Because if any social media portal will post any bold picture of any actor or social media sensation, they will do all the hate comments, abuse her, or will not pass the nice comments at all. But at the same time through their real accounts, over the actress’s post, they will eventually support her… Cheer for her.

Of course, you will feel bad… You will feel hurt, you can eventually go through a mental health illness trauma as well… Just think about it that we need to be more compassionate towards each other instead of spreading hate and violence and all three-cyberbullying stuff.

Doing online bullying in a fun way or just for the sake of your so-called entertainment is just another example of your lose character and low-level thinking. 

You just can’t spread the positive vibes… You are that much addicted to spreading negativity that without doing this it looks like your food will not digest. Or you will not be able to breathe possibly. So unfortunately it is.

Think about a moment, not to pass any harsh comments on anyone. Just make them understand in a light manner or friendly mode. You will feel better, negativity will lead you to the path of destruction and unfinished darkness…

To find peace, you need to be peaceful around the people you are looking up to. We all are humans and not perfect in any way… We all are flawed… Just try to accept the people with their flaws or leave them instead of making fun of their selves because it will not benefit you in any way. Peace out!

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