Hum Style Awars 2021

Hum Style Awards 2021- The Worst Dresses of the evening!!

Hum Style Awards 2021 took place recently in Lahore. All the big celebrities, fashion designers, models, & all the prominent names from the industry were present. The goal of the event was to celebrate style and glamour… But it was more like celebrating vulgarity and worst fashion sense ever I would like to say!

Highlights of the evening of Hum Style Awards 2021:

The highlight of the evening was of course Alizeh Shah’s black gown. Since her revealing photos with Feroze Khan for a brand campaign got leaked, she’s trending for all the wrong reasons. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but, unfortunately, she’s getting trapped again & again into controversies. And more often it looks like she doesn’t care about anyone. She’s just having her best phase of life by doing whatever she wants to. And I think nothing is wrong with it, but by doing all of this intentionally just to seek attention, it looks fake and cheap. And that doesn’t suit her personality I would say. She’s young, she’s talented and hard-working no doubt. But by doing these cheap tricks, she’s losing her dignity within her fans, and she needs to think about it. 

Talking about the event, she picked up the gorgeous black gown to wear, her make-up and Overall look Were fine. But her pathetic trick of revealing her shoulders was not looking nice at all. It was the dumbest choice ever I would prefer to say. Her stylist was maybe very jealous of her that’s why they took revenge on her by giving her the worst look ever. Good or bad, she’s trending like an Haute cake. 

Think before wearing

Some people are still supporting and defending her by saying, it’s her choice to wear what she wants to on Hum Style Awards 2021. No one should have a problem with it. Yeah, absolutely the statement is correct. But if you are a public figure, then people will comment on your looks and the choice of outfit.

Moreover, you are representing the country’s latest fashion and style sense. People from all over the world are looking up to you. They will eventually buy the same clothes for themselves. But what if they don’t like the pathetic sense of style you are wearing? They would speak upon it.

Hum Style Awards 2021

Talking about some other prominent names, it was Sonya Hussain who was also badly trolled for her lime-colored suit court outfit. No doubt she was looking more sophisticated than Alizeh as she’s already a style icon, but the blazer was not suiting her, unfortunately. Moreover, bad make-up and the overall look were so cliched… Everyone was looking up to her that she’s going to win the “The Most Stylish Tv Actress” Award, but she didn’t. And that was kind of really disappointing for all her fans.

Winners of Hum Style Awards 2021:

The Actress who got successful in winning the title of most stylish tv actor was “Nausheen Shah”. No doubt she’s deserving, and her fashion sense is also good, but when we’re talking about ” The Most ” then how can you prioritize an actor who’s rarely now getting the lead roles. We are seeing her in a very positive role of Ishrat Bhabhi in “Pehli Si Mohabbat” But it’s the supporting character. And she’s wearing all the desi, simple clothes in it. Then what would be the thoughts of the jury by prioritizing her over the main lead actor “Sonya Hussain” I’m wondering!!

Hum Style Awards 2021

From nominations to winners all the lists and outcomes were pathetic I would say. That made no sense at all. Hum Style Awards could have done better.

Emmad Irfani got the award of most stylish tv actor and no doubt he’s stylish and his persona is very attractive but what he was wearing at the main event wasn’t stylish at all. It was not justified to the reward he got. Again, a pathetic thing to discuss the event.

Bollywood’s influence seen in Hum Style Awards 2021:

Amar Khan also got trolled and people made fun of her that she tried hard to look like Deepika Padukone, but she couldn’t. Now it’s a very sensitive topic that whenever our actors tried to wear something out of the box or maybe they wanted to put in international looks, why do they always end up over Indian celebrities? Our obsession with Bollywood is still real and people are right that they need to develop their sense of style and fashion. Where are our culture and tradition’s beautiful outfits that we should wear in award ceremonies as well? Why do the Actresses have to choose copied or revealing dresses to get attention from people?

Hum Style Awards 2021

Youth is looking up to you, all our brands and fashion designers look upon u to promote their outfits, still, you think by choosing worst and pathetic dresses you will be loved? No dear actors. You are wrong here. Originality matters with the mixture of our own culture. If you want positive feedback you need to wear something according to the taste of culture and most importantly, what is suiting for your personality. This is the most important thing you need to care about. By blindly following Indian celebrities’ copied revealing looks, no one will look up to you in a nice manner. If u want to wear something bold, wear it but keep it with elegance and sophistication, keep it the way that you are going to slay in it. It’s going to suit you.

Divas everywhere in Hum Style Awards 2021:

Talking about the most stylish film actor it was Maya Ali who bagged the award. And she was looking stylish and gorgeous I would say. She completely deserved the award but again what’s wrong with the nomination? Mahira Khan is Hum Tv’s necessary element to always nominate her. In which film we saw her last year? why they always do this? it’s so unfortunate that a big channel is still doing favoritism and they have no justification for that instead of this ” Our award function, our Marzi “.

Ayesha Omer is such a stylish diva, and she always wears fashionable outfits with sensibility, and they always looked good on her. But bad luck, the white long gown she was wearing wasn’t suited for her at all. Again, a very bad choice. Moreover, she was looking very uncomfortable in that outfit. Her body language wasn’t matching with her style sense. I felt bad for her.

Hum Style Awards 2021

The Hum Style Awards were more often to celebrate the fashion industry and to amuse them, so again there was nothing major instead of giving awards to the same some known brands which exists in the country. It was more like a nepotism award function by giving awards to those who always collaborate with the channel for their brand promotion of course. Hasnain Lehri is the same model who’s winning best male model from the last two years, I guess. UNFORTUNATE. Let us know your thoughts on our Instagram account
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