Inteha e ishq and berukhi drama

Intehai Ishq & Berukhi- Hiba Bukhari’s monotonous performance in both the dramas!

Recently launched new drama serials of Hiba Bukhari & Junaid Khan, one on Ary Digital called “Berukhi” And the other one on A Plus Entertainment called “Inteha e Ishq” Has nothing new to offer and guess what?. This does not surprise us anymore.

Even, the duo of Hiba & Junaid is very popular for delivering magical on-screen chemistry and we’ve seen them together in two to three dramas previously. And ” Silsilay” which was -aired on Geo tv got good viewership. In terms of rating and popularity, among the youth and stereotypical target audience also co-starring Muneeb Butt & Momal Sheikh in key roles.

Dramas of Hiba bukhari:

Both “Berukhi” & “Inteha e Ishq” On aired on Wednesdays respectively on different mainstream channels. And I guess fans of Hiba Bukhari are happy now because the actress is currently seen in already too many dramas!!

One is of course the most talked-about drama serial “Fitoor” Which is leading the slot every week. And now these two newly launched dramas, on top of that with the same and favorite costar “Junaid Khan”. Junaid Khan Is also currently seen in most of the running dramas as well…

Don’t you think it’s kinda disappointing that now the audience must bear the same actors on their tv screens? It wasn’t enough for our drama makers to make the drama on the same typical ‘Ghissi Pitti” Stories?

We are not even highlighting or promoting them but just questioning over the right thing we thought we should…! That it’s such an awful situation happening out there and unfortunate for both our actors and Audience as well…

Why rating system is encouraging both Inteha e Ishq & Berukhi:

Inteha e Ishq

This rating system has ruined everything. It looks like after the film industry our drama makers are putting 100% of Efforts to destroy the drama industry as well… Unfortunate… I wanna repeat it, such a disappointment and disgrace. Indeed It is ! to our taste of audience and selection of doing any projects for our actors as well…

Looks like they have a lack of good stories, good content, good writers, a good production team, and good directors as well… We don’t want to come out from this stereotypical formula-based Masala…

I think I should call it not worth it or boring drama serials!! Because that’s what they badly needed to hear.

Like today I would like to touch upon this sensitive topic, why actors are not given good enough scripts to choose wisely for their future projects… I mean fans are dumb or what? They wait for so long to watch out for their favorite actors’ dramas and projects… And what do they do? They almost disappoint them by doing such crap projects… Yes, I’m talking about “Hiba Bukhari”!

Storylines and Hiba Bukhari’s performance:

At the start of today, I guess every eye was on her when she did ” Deewangi “. The drama was super blockbuster and from the masses, she got appreciation despite having a flawed storyline and Geo Tv’s formula-based production system.

Then in “Fitoor” For good or bad reasons, she’s currently the talk of the town as well… And no one’s talking about her flawed performance or anything…

Yeah, she did justice to her characters but what kind of adversity she’s trying to showcase? She’s not looking versatile actress from any angle. And I’m saying this very confidently by seeing her newly launched dramas called “Berukhi & ” inteha e Ishq ” In which her character isn’t at all challenging and different from her previous roles as well. I mean the same monotonous kind of roles and expressions!!

Why is hiba bukhari doing same projects like Inteha e Ishq & Berukhi:

Inteha e Ishq and Berukhi drama

Why she’s doing it? I’m curious… And even more curious about her fans who are still appreciating her crazily… Yeah, her drama “Inteha e Ishq” Was trending on YouTube for so long and it’s such a victory for “A-Plus” that their drama is getting viewership after such a long period. But it’s sad and unfortunate that the drama has nothing new and refreshing to offer. I mean I wouldn’t even call it the same typical romantic household storyline.

It’s cringe and just unbearable to watch… And talking about the production quality, it seems like they were enjoying Onset. And the writer was busy in their fantasies. But the drama story must be written so it was written in a hurry or just like “Chalo use hi likhdo”!!. Irresponsible behavior by the whole team and channel as well… They are trying to serve such a boring theme in terms of entertainment to us. And sadly we are giving them views and ratings by watching it? Alas!!

Talking about Ary Digital’s “Berukhi” Starring the same couple Hiba & Junaid. Here, the story also has nothing new to offer very sadly instead of a typical villain portrayed by Nazish Jahangir very realistically. She’s proved herself previously by doing negative roles very realistically for example in “Kahin Deep Jalay” & “Saraab” Respectively. And in both dramas, her presence was how much unbearable, toxic, and a headache to watch, it’s kinda the same in “Berukhi” As well.

And I’m surprised by the channel because it seems they are very much inspired by the theme of their competitive “Geo Tv’s typical formula-based dramas.

What does neutral audience has to say about the dramas Inteha e Ishq & Berukhi :

Even the neutral audience was saying, it’s maybe a mistake by makers or geo tv is kind of done by producing the same content. And they’ve given their drama serial in a gesture to Ary just in case to increase their viewership.

But sadly, ” berukhi” Didn’t get that much hype and I’m kind of satisfied and happy with it. That at least we’ve got the least amount of sense to watch something meaningful instead of this crap!! Very high time for channels to produce good content or for us too by supporting or rejecting the right and wrong thing. By giving views to the dramas that deserve it and by ignoring the shit content…!!


What is inteha e Ishq meaning?

Inteha e Ishq means Limits to love. Although some people believe that Love is limitless and it is something that penetrates deep inside the heart.

What is Berukhi drama story?

Berukhi is an emotional love story that revolves around the life of Sabeen, who belongs to a middle-class family. Sabeen is in love with Irteza, but his mother rejects their relationship.

Viewers will see a love triangle between Hiba Bukhari, Junaid Khan, and Nazish Jahangir. Hiba will appear with a new exciting character in the show. Viewers appreciate the on-screen couple of Junaid Khan and Hiba Bukhari. In 2021, Ary Digital produced many hit dramas “Pehli Si Mohabbat”, “Ishq Hai” and “Dunk”.

Who is Junaid khan?

Junaid Khan is a talented Pakistani actor who started as a singer. He got married in 2010 and was blessed with two cute baby boys. He lives in Karachi

Who is Berukhi actress?

Main lead actoress of berukhi is hiba bukhari.

What is Berukhi ary digital timing?

Berukhi Ary digital timing are Wednesday 8:00 – 10:00 pm and it was released on 15th September 2021

Who is Berukhi drama cast?

Hiba Bukhari as Sabeen , Junaid Khan as Irteza Ali Baig
Nida Mumtaz as Sabeen’s Mother, Rehan Sheikh as Mansor
Rehma Zaman as Sana, Hasan Ahmed as Noman
Umer Alam as Qasim , Hassan Ahmed as Kamran
Usman Perzada as Agha, Iffat Omer as Nazia
Saba Hameed as Shahbano, Noor ul Hasan as Masroor
Nazish Jahangir as Mahira, Umair Rafiq as Nabeel

What is Inteha e Ishq drama story?

Inteha e Ishq drama story revolves around a girl (Hiba) and the story is similar to many others in this list. While she’s in love with a boy (Syed), she must watch her life be turned upside down by the introduction of an unexpected person (Junaid).

Junaid Khan became obsessed with Hiba Bukhari and tried to win her over at any cost. He made Syed Arez Ahmed leave Hiba without giving him an opportunity to see her again. This worked, and he married the girl right after.

Although Hiba Marries Junaid she still loves Arez and does not accept Junaid. Let’s see what he’ll do to get Hiba’s love…Hiba Bukhari is looking extremely gorgeous in this role. Junaid Khan is playing the part of a bad guy who does everything to grab Hiba’s attention. Hiba Bukhari & Junaid Khan are an on-screen couple, who have been endlessly adored by fans in Pakistan.

What is the inteha e Ishq drama release date?

It was first aired on A plus on 15th September 2021, every Wednesday at 8:00 pm.

What is inteha e Ishq drama cast?

Hiba Bukhari
Mariam Shafi
Saima Saleem
Maria Malik
Sara Ejaz
Beena Chaudhary
Asad Mehmood
Ajmal Deewan
Syed Arez Ahmed
Junaid Khan
Samia Butt

Who wrote inteha e Ishq drama?

Shagufta Bhatti is the writer of the drama serial Inteha e Ishq.

What are different inteha e Ishq novels?

Inteha e Ishq by pari vash
Inteha e Ishq by Areej shah
You can have your inteha e Ishq novel pdf download from Google to study more about this topic.

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