Jupitar's Legacy


Jupiter’s Legacy is based on Mark Millar’s graphic novel of the same name, it was announced to series in 2017 and with Steven S. De. Knight onboard, fans were extremely excited for this show. Steven S previously brought Marvel’s Daredevil to life on Netflix and it was such a big hit all over the world. So the hopes and expectations were high from him for Jupiter’s Legacy. But did it live up to the hype? Is Jupiter’s Legacy worth watching? Let’s head straight to the review and find out.

Cast and Crew in JUPITER’S LEGACY:

Cast: Josh Duhamel, Leslie Bibb, Matt Lanter, Andrew Horton, and others
Producer: James Middleton
Directed By: Steven S. De. Knight

The storyline of JUPITER’S LEGACY:

Jupiter’s Legacy is about a team of superheroes known as The Utopians. They have protected the Earth for ages, they are pretty much angels. Their leader Sheldon has one rule and that rule means everything to him. The rule is that you have to stop the supervillains and save the earth but you can’t kill them. You have to stop them without killing them and you have to lock them up in prison. All of Sheldon’s allies agree but with time, the supervillains are becoming hard to stop, and killing them is becoming a necessity but breaking the code is no option.

Jupitar's Legacy

While the adult heroes are hellbent on following the rule under Sheldon’s pressure, it’s time to pass on the mantle to the young generation and the young generation of superheroes belong to the 21st century, they don’t exactly believe in the code of no killing, the young generation of superheroes is in conflict with the adult generation over the code. Sheldon and his team are trying hard to convince the young generation to keep following the code and the young generation tries hard to break it.

With the conflict going on between the heroes, the supervillains begin to take advantage and start taking control of the earth, with time the supervillains become more strong and the Utopians start losing their superheroes, some to death and some to conflict. So what is going to happen? Will the superheroes set their differences aside and stop supervillains from taking control? Will Sheldon break his code of no killing and accept the fact that all supervillains can’t be locked up in the prison forever? Or the supervillains take control of Earth and Sheldon will fail? For that, you have to watch the show and find out.

Jupiter’s Legacy, A sleeping pill

Jupiter’s Legacy runs in two timelines i.e the past and the present. The past timeline is set in 1930 in which they show Sheldon and his team following a prophesy which gives them superpowers. And the present timeline shows the rise of the supervillains and the downfall of the superheroes.

Jupitar's Legacy

Jupiter’s Legacy started strong with its premier episode but over time it failed to hold my interest because it is such a slow show, the storyline is dragged like hell through 8 episodes, and nothing interesting happens. In simple words, The first season of Jupiter’s Legacy is a buildup season. With only 8 episodes, they wasted a lot of time in building up the story and character arcs and they never moved on to the real storyline. They also wasted a lot of time in Sheldon’s family drama. 

Conclusion of Jupiter’s Legacy:

Jupiter’s Legacy was Netflix’s answer to Amazon’s The Boys but sadly it fails. It is no match for Amazon’s The Boys. That show still is the best and most gruesome superhero show that belongs to a streaming service. Last but not least Jupiter’s Legacy ended with a cliffhanger that you all will easily predict in the first episode. So there’s nothing to be excited about in season 2 if it gets renewed. It is a below-average show.

Ratings 2.5/5.

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