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Chali Chali – Kangana Mocked Karan Johar and it’s hilarious!

The recent launch ” Chali Chali” has made a strong buzz in the industry. Kangana Ranaut seems to be very active on her Twitter as her upcoming movie #Thalaivi is coming on the 23rd Of April. She recently just shared Karan Johar’s old dance video which happened originally at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding sangeet in 2018.

A fan just shared it as it had the Chali Chali song in the video regarding her #ChaliChaliChallenge that the actress herself urges the fans to send in their videos to get featured. (Promotional Stunt).

She Retweeted it quoting “Best Video So Far”. After that, a thunder of Netizens criticized her for mocking Karan Johar indirectly.

Link of the video: #ChaliChaliChallenge

Karan Didn’t respond yet. But The Actress who is famous for getting involved in Controversies one after another day seems desperate to get attention. Because it is evident, that she always does this kind of thing just before she releases the film. (Promotional Stunt).

Well, we enjoyed that video very much. Because the ‘Thumkaas’ and dance moves of #KaranJohar in the video and lyrics of Chali Chali made a perfect combination of Entertainment. It was just Hilarious AF!!!

Kangana did it intentionally to get noticed by the Producer/Director/Actor. Her negative remarks for Him in past are also proof of this. Well, we hope that Karan wouldn’t take it seriously and enjoy the video. As there’s nothing negative.

What’s Going to be Kangana’s next strategy to promote her movie? This would be interesting to see. We’ll update you further on her next moves. Till then stay tuned.


After all, we know that Kangana does such stunts whether it’s ethically correct or not. It is her habit so should we keep ignoring these things? or they play a vital role in entertaining people as the main purpose of the entertainment industry?. Comment below to show your opinion

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