Khuda aur Mohabbat 3| Why Intensely strong viewership!

No doubt “Khuda aur Mohabbat season 3 “ is the most anticipated drama of the year. We all know Khuda Aur Mohabbat is the most expensive drama if we talk about its production quality, grand scenes, and locations, etc.

Khuda aur mohabbat season 3 Drama Review:

Locations of Khuda aur Mohabbat 3:

According to my opinion, the most important ingredient in any drama; belongs to its main plot,” The script & Story”. Honestly, from trailers, I found the story typical.

Khuda aur muhabbat season 3 location

Khuda aur mohabbat 3 drama story:

Like, there is nothing new to offer to the audience in the name of the story. I prefer to watch a drama that has something engaging, interesting to its story. 

Alternatively talking about masses, it seems like the traditions are changing now. You can write anything, any typical and repeated topic… or any copied plot as done in this drama.

We guess the most important is production value. If we talk about the OST then it should be magical, and the cast should be popular among the youngsters and that is where Khuda aur Mohabbat season 3 has done very well.

Why we became so materialistic?

In a drama where richness has been glorified, it is a treat to watch for everybody? I mean like seriously. The plot of the drama is inspired by the famous movie “Devdas”. The writer” Hashim Nadeem” himself accepted this.

There is nothing wrong with recreating the iconic Bollywood movies. This is the wrong way of getting the TRPs and views. To offer a stereotypical story with some good locations only. We know we all personally enjoy watching the drama a lot but only as a guilty pleasure.

The acting of Feroz Khan in Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3:

Feroz Khan is a Lead Actor in this drama . Absolutely when we talk about “ Feroz Khan”; currently the national crush of youth. And maybe a valid reason for getting most of the views the drama ” Khuda aur Mohabbat ” is having now.

Why is Raqeeb se getting ignored?

Raqeeb se Vs Khuda aur mohabbat 3

Raqeeb Se drama Cast 

The extremely beautiful drama  “ Raqeeb se”; which was also promoted very well is getting ignored. Why?? Maybe it shows four strong Women’s Story and how they will achieve the title of actual empowerment! And we better know that society is misogynistic mostly.

The fresh and unique script of “ Bee Gull” and powerhouse of talent director “Kashif Nisar”, is creating magic with every single episode every week but ALAS!! It is not getting the views, which it deserves.

Dil na umeed to Nahi- Social issue-based drama:

Dil na Umeed Toh Nahi VS Khuda aur Muhabbat 3

Similarly, the social issue-based most important drama to be highlighted currently is “Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi” which the Audience has been ignoring since its beginning… Why? only the reason is that it shows the dark reality of society, shows us our reflection!?. It has not a typical “Saas Bahu Saaga” Masala-type storyline..?

The audience loves to watch stereotypical dramas like Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3, Fitoor, Qayamat, and All just because they haven’t served us any useful purpose except entertainment. Kinda useless entertainment. Period!!

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