Kia motors electric car

Kia Motors Launches Its Super-Killer Electric Vehicle!!

Kia Motors just unveiled its first Electric Vehicle (EV) to the world and it has already got 21,000 reservations in South Korea alone. Kia and Hyundai have been making headlines with their bold and catchy vehicle designs and there is more they have in their lineup.

Named EV6, the new Kia model boasts a crossover design with many quirky and sporty design features.

Karim Habib, the Head of Kia Global Design, dubs it an electric fastback-hatchback-rally car. Kia went all in for their first Electric Vehicle (EV). It introduces an AR heads-up display along with other innovative features.


EV6 is an Electric Crossover with a design that focuses on not only aerodynamics but also visual design. Features prominently visible in World Premier were DRL LEDs, LED brake light bar, and a roof spoiler to provide the necessary downforce.

Kia motors electric car

EV6 Exterior 


EVs tend to have the latest tech innovations when it comes to their interior and EV6 is no less.

From panoramic curved infotainment screen to matte touch-screen climate controls to AR heads-up display. Kia included the best tech available for their first Electric Vehicle. Focusing on the sportiness of an EV, EV6 GT also includes the Sports bucket seat standard.

Kia motors electric car

Kia emphasized the use of recycled materials for the interior of the vehicle. According to Kia’s Head of Interior Designs, the vehicle has recycled materials equivalent to over 100 plastic bottles.


430kW electric motor provides power to the vehicle. RWD in single motor variant and AWD with dual motor configuration, and ability to go 510km on full charge gets the car to the very top of Electric Vehicle rankings. 

800V high-speed multi-charging system that can charge the vehicle to 80% in 18 minutes. A charge of 4.5 minutes can provide a range of 100km.

Kia motors electric car

EV6 is equipped with a never-seem-before feature of Vehicle-to-Load power supply. 

The vehicle can become a power source for your outdoor activities ( emergency backup) by providing 3.6kW of electricity. The vehicle also has a maximum of 1,600kg of towing capacity, which is a lot for a crossover Electric Vehicle.

All these features and still the all-new EV6 goes 0-100km/h in 3.5 sec and a top speed of 260km/h.

In a demo given by Kia, EV6 went faster than many supercars of the current era, like the fastest SUV, Lamborghini Urus.


Kia has been making a name for itself with its new Stinger GT and many other SUV and crossover variants.

A large number of reservations received in the first 24 hours shows how much this effort is paying up. Earlier, Hyundai Ioniq 5 also broke news by getting close to 25,000 reservations in 24 hours of launch.

Ioniq and EV6 share major parts of the drivetrain, yet if parked next to each other, no resemblance can be found. 

EV6 is making its name for all the unique features and amazing performance, it is offering all the comfort and practicality one could ever ask for.

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