“Lapataa” Inspired by “Fitoor” & all fantasy-based dramas?

Lapataa aired recently and it’s getting a positive response from the majority in the number of views. But what’s so special about this drama is that people are interested in the story…

Despite having nothing new in the simple and ghissi Pitti story what’s making it trending everywhere that’s our query!!

Reasons of interest in the drama by the fans:

Top-notch actresses of the nation right now are Ayeza Khan & Sara Khan. Hence the fans in big numbers are interested in the drama. But is it all about their fandom power or there is anything else that is hooking up the audience to watch this drama?

We’ll try to find out and solve our confusion here.

Review from the First two episodes of laapata:

The first two episodes were fast-paced as well as entertaining.  Khizar Idrees wrote the story and directed the drama as well. We all have witnessed the direction is good and there is something unique and refreshing watching those scenes on screen.

It is his skillful direction though he’s new and it’s his first project most probably. But we noticed something unusual, hum tv’s drama’s execution is different from other two mainstream channels Ary Digital & Geo Tv. But here we find a lot of similarity between geo tv’s fantasy-based dramas and newly launched him tv’s Lapataa as well. 

For example excessive use of OST and filmy kind of introduction of main characters. The story is nothing new and has nothing much to offer but still, it’s the execution of drama that is willing the audience to watch it just like fitoor, Raaz e ulfat & all the fantasy-based, scriptless geo tv’s dramas. We all know geo tv is almost leading every day based on TRPs, so we are just curious about Lapata. 

Is it inspired or copied by Geo Tv’s special kind of execution of dramas or it was not intentional?

Geeti Princess in laapata:

The nation’s most-followed celebrity on Instagram is Ayeza Khan.

Her last drama “Chupke Chupke” Was a blockbuster that is still on-airing on prime time on Saturdays.

Casting Ayeza in any project is proof that drama will be a mega-hit and will be loved by the audience in any way. 

Her character of “Geeti Princess” Is much similar to the last character she played “Meenu”. Loud, bold, and kind of selfish. 

Lapataa-Geeti princess

But here, the channel promoted her character well through TikTok by making her a real TikTok star on social media as well. I would say that’s a very nice strategy to promote the project.

Sarah Khan’s role in Laapata:

Sarah Khan is also one of the highest followed celebrities and a popular actress as well. Her last two projects were super hit. 

In Sabaat, she nailed the character of Miraal, though Zohra wasn’t that much convincing, still, we have to accept the fact that Raqs e Bismil was a blockbuster drama!

So two most popular actresses in a single project is kind of exciting and a treat to watch for the audience. 

Lapataa-Sarah Khan

Gohar Rasheed’s and Ali Rehman’s role in laapata:

Talking about the main leads, Gohar Rasheed is “Lapataa” Not only from Ost but from the beginning two episodes as well and only God knows when he will make his entry.

His character is suspicious and we have no idea what twists they have planned for us in the name of his hidden character. 

Ali Rehman though looked charming as usual and doing total justice with his flawed human being’s character. He’s very fitting into it. His chemistry with Sarah Khan is really good.

The story until now… and my review :

The story of Laapata revolves around three cousins’ love interests most probably. But I have to accept the fact that every character is very much realistic and kind of relatable.

I would say the dialogue they are delivering has been taken from real life that we normally use to speak daily at home.

And that’s a refreshing thing to see on screen! Though, Sarah Khan’s same sophisticated way of talking is kind of irritating! She needs to change her accent for every different character she chooses to play.

Because it looks like there’s no difference in negative Miraal, in pious Zohra, and now in Self-confident and strong Falak as well. Because they all speak in the same tone and accent. 

This isn’t a good thing. Otherwise, her performance is really good and up to the mark.

Final Verdict:

Laapata is competing with geo tv’s fitoor as it’s airing on the same two days and timing as well, Wednesday and Thursday at 8 pm..talking about the number of views and ratings, it still failed to beat fitoor. 

And it’s kinda sad but we hope so in the future it will get the TRPs because fitoor is going to end soon… 

But we’re not sure if geo tv’s new drama will also become popular just like fitoor. Hum Tv needs the TRPS and a high number of views, let’s see if it becomes successful in it or not!! See Raqs e Bismil ‘s Finale- Imran Ashraf’s impactful Performance cannot take away all the flaws from the whole drama!!


What is Lapata meaning?

Lapataa is an Urdu language word that means “Lost” in English.

What is the Lapataa Drama story?

Lapataa drama story revolves around 3 cousins among which one is FALAK who is very good at study and wants to excel in her career, the other cousin is Geeti who loves to make TikTok and is a Tiktok celeb. The third cousin Is shams who is trying hard to make himself stable and marry the love of his life ” FALAK”.But the story really twists when Shams got kidnapped and FALAK marries another man who turned out to be voilent.

Who is the Lapaataa drama cast?

Sara Khan As FALAK
Ali rehman Khan as Shams
Gohar Rasheed as Daniyal
Asma Abbas as the mother of Geeti