Meesha Shafi

Meesha Shafi | Strong response to ARY on Sensitive Topic!

FAKE news by ARY News:

PEMRA has fined ARY News heavily over the airing of fake news. ARY News aired the news that Meesha Shafi has ignored the court summons. After that, she has fled the country after recording her new song, On 5 December 2020.

They further stated that Meesha left the country 2 days before the date of summons declared by the court. 

Meesha Shafi’s victory tweet:

Meesha Shafi complaint PEMRA:

Meesha Shafi filed a complaint before PEMRA against ARY News for airing fake news. 

PEMRA fined ARY PKR 200,000/- for violation of Electronic Media (Programs and Entertainment) Code of Conduct, 2015. 

ARY News failed to report accurately, it was declared in the report. 

It also tried to create a false impression of her so she declared it a victory on social media.

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Meesha Shafi’s Legal team:

Meesha’s Legal team released an official statement clarifying the incident.

“ARY News was unable to establish that the presence of Meesha Shafi was required or mandatory on the specific date”, The official statement reads. 

PEMRA’s Council of Complaints also declared:

“If Meesha Shafi had defied Court’s orders by not appearing when required, the court would have taken necessary actions”.

Meesha’s legal team also stated that Meesha herself and her legal representation has been regularly attending court. And these appearances are part of public records.

Ali Zafar and Meesha have been appearing before court for quite some time now. 

Review of Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar case:

Back in 2018, at the height of #MeToo, Meesha accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment of physical nature. The case has been going on since, moving from a higher. The higher court, finally reaching Supreme Court. Several others have also come forward with similar allegations but have not made it to the spotlight. Read more on Meera g’s Controversies