MEntal Health and its types

Mental Health Still taken as Taboo in our Society?

Every individual is fighting his own battle in between their mind… But still, why are we not ready to accept the importance of mental health? We need to find out the answer…

Parents are still having their typical thoughts, derogatory remarks on Mental health Issues… They are just not ready to accept that a problem like “Mental Health” Really exists.

They are constantly willing to believe their child is going through the teenage dangerous love phase of life and they can only stop them by putting restrictions over them! Why? 

They just can’t accept the fact that their children must require therapy… Love and care towards them… But no…

It’s not possible in our middle-class society to just have some friendly linkups with their children… This is seriously unfortunate.

The main factor Of Ignorance in Mental Health:

Communication gap:

This unseen ego between the parents and children leads towards the separation between them…

The communication gap, the “ignore each other” Mode, children will go through some serious kind of trouble shit over their heads… 

But soon, they will realize It has to be as it is, so a definite compromise comes up naturally in between them but from inward, they die daily with the pain…

They must bear this pain just because their parents are not much supportive of them… They are mostly critical of their every activity and action.

The criticism:

This Criticism for “NOTHING”, the behavior of parents leads their children on the pathway of Mental health Issues. 

Mental Health and Parents

Children even don’t know at times how much they have ruined their golden period of life by just compromising over this so-called socially tabooed behavior of their parents.

I would like to touch upon especially the boys here. The amount of hatred and criticism they must face from their fathers is another example of misogyny in the same gender. 

Why the fathers just can’t appreciate their sons… Why just can’t give them the love which they thirst for…? 

A big question mark on the credibility of their fatherhood!! It is just another example that in their teenage they have also faced the same wrath and brutal behavior from their fathers as well…

This is continued from our ancestors and taken as a sign of pride of males that they beat their sons to make their ego calm down!!

Who is at fault?

We need to think about who’s fault is this? Why are children getting rebellious against their social norms and they don’t want to live a healthy normal peaceful life.?

Why this conspiracy theory of height of strictness will keep your children straight and on the floor is still in progress and no one’s ready to stand against it?

I’m sorry maybe I’m going very much critical over the parents as many of you will not relate to this but trust me guys these are the real facts that most of our youth is battling with the infectious disease called “Depression”. 

And it is still not taken seriously as it should be. We generally really care about our physical health, the apparent disorders… 

But don’t worry about the inner problems that have made our life a hell already.

It’s already been very late…. The youth is going through a tough time…. They must make choices in their lives under the pressure of their parents… 

“The damage inside the mind is killing everybody”

The wrong decisions lead them towards another path of distortion!! The damage inside the mind is killing everybody…

Mental Health and its damage

There is a need to be more compassionate towards each other, to know why this person is very down today…

We need to normalize the speaking out their hearts formula… To emit out the negativity and to spread positivity by caring, appreciating, loving each other… By not letting the things go away that are very much important and not meant to be ignored…

What is mental health? 

Mental Health alludes to intellectual, conduct, and Emotional Well-being. It is about how individuals think, feel, and act. Individuals the time utilize the expression “Mental Health” to mean the shortfall of Mental problems. Mental Health can influence everyday living, relationships, and physical health.

What are the five signs of mental illness? 

Long-lasting sadness 
Extremely high and low moods.
Excessive anxietyfear, and worry.
Social cutoff.
Dramatic changes in behavior and mood.
Irregular Sleeping and eating habits.

What are the components of mental health? 


How to deal with Mental health? 

Keep yourself active.
Regulate you’re eating and sleeping patterns.
Stay connected with your social circle, family, and friends.
Ask for help whenever you need it.
Take a break and give yourself some time.
Feel yourself and try to do something you’re good at.For more Click here