“MIMI” | Kriti Sanon delivered her career’s best!

Mimi premiered recently on 30th July 2021 on Netflix officially! Starring the very beautiful and talented Kriti Sanon in a pivotal role. 

She has delivered her career’s best performance by playing Mimi in the movie. This is something everybody who has watched the movie would be agreed on it we can say firmly!

Not only her performance captivated us, but it’s also just the refreshing execution of the whole movie which keeps us hooked up till the end. 

Though it was of 2 hours long duration, still we didn’t get bored for a single second. And I guess that’s the power of strong direction. Laxman Utekar both directed and wrote the movie as well and what a beautiful piece of work,

I would say! Hats off to him for providing quality content in times where Bollywood is struggling to stand on its feet. By not providing typical formula-based movies, but by providing original and not copied content.

MIMI movie story:

The concept of the movie is unique and fresh. It narrates the whole surrogacy thing in a detailed but light-hearted way. 

The whole experience of watching the movie was delightful and amusing! It has a strong social message about parenthood and their love for children, it made you feel more emotional about your mother, eventually, it increases your love for her I would say. 

When you witness the delivery scene, the pain a mother goes through to let her child come into the world through her body, it was so realistic, emotional, beautifully shot as well. I mean spell bounding!


Music in the movie ” MIMI”:

Music by A. R Rehman is another plus point of the movie which has increased the charm of the film I would say. All the songs were beautiful.

They were uniquely designed for every suitable situation. I mean we all know A. R Rehman is such a legendary musician, who can create magic by his mesmerizing tunes.

My most favorite tune was “Hutu Tu” Sung by Sasha Tirupati who is such an underrated singer, but He used her talent for the right platform for this time, so many positive vibes from every single aspect of this movie.

The first song from the album which was released officially “Param Sundari” Is now a chartbuster, queen of singers “Shreya Ghoshal” Sung it beautifully and A. R Rehman’s composition was a perfect blend of a catchy tune.

Picturized on Kriti Sanon, she nailed every single beat of it, perfectly danced, expressions and body language were on point also!!

Plot Of the Movie:

The story revolves around a girl named Mimi who wanted to make it big in Bollywood. Currently, she is a dancer who used to go to functions with her Muslim friend who is divorced but a singer also.

The bond between them is so pure, their life eventually changed when Mimi accepts the offer of a man who gave her a proposal of being a surrogate for twenty million. 

Played by Pankaj Tripathi, another important role and throughout the support system of Mimi as well. 

It was an offer from U. S based couple in which her wife is infertile, and they wanted to have their baby through a young, healthy girl who will give them a healthy baby of course.

A twist in the story:

Then through one of the tests, they came to know the child have a disease and they ran off saying Mimi that abort the child and move on. But she didn’t. And here her life’s real challenges started.

From the beginning till the climax scene, it was a rollercoaster journey, in which you will laugh with the characters, you will cry also, you will feel a variety of emotions throughout the whole movie I would say. 

And I guess that’s the success of any project that it made its viewers feel satisfied and entertained as well.

A powerful message:


It delivers a strong powerful message that it isn’t necessary if you haven’t achieved in life what you always craved for, it doesn’t mean you are failed in life, no, there would be something waiting for you. 

You just must realize that thing this is made for you. Accepting the fact that you’re going to be ok with that. This Is called life. 

The unexpected journey of unexpected ways & places. You must have to embrace them rather than getting sad about what you couldn’t achieve. 

Contentment is an important ingredient to live life peacefully and Mimi described it beautifully.

All the supporting actors were super fine and fitting to their roles, respectively. Especially that British child, he was so cute and good in his role. 

You will eventually fall in love with him. Also, the American actor who spoke in Hindi acted well. Her acting and facial expressions were realistically on point!

Pankaj Tripathi’s performance was natural and strong as usual.

Final verdict:

Final Verdict: I would rate it 9 on 10 stars. A must-watch movie for everyone!!

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