Parizaad – Astonishing Bombardment of Content!

Today we are going to talk about Hum TV’s upcoming Megaproject “Parizaad”. It is going to be starring a Powerhouse of talented actors together in a frame! I mean just look at the astonishing cast of parizad which is already fair enough for the audience to watch this drama.

We are just hooked up after the channel has released full OST! We have finally a leading parizad hero which we were craving badly after his performance in “Laal Kabootar” & “Ehd E Wafa”.

Yes, we are talking about the talented Ahmed Ali Akbar who is highly underrated at the same time. But we are pretty sure, from teasers we’ve seen of him, his upcoming drama will be lucky for him.

We hope that it would boost Ahmed’s career and we will get to see more of him in the future. He’s completely deserving and has all the charisma and magnetic personality which is required for a ” Hero” in any project.

What do trailers speak about the Parizad drama story?

From teasers, we are assuming that in the parizad drama story his character is going to touch upon a very sensitive issue in our society, “racism”. To judge anyone upon his color is still a disease here.

And looks like Ahmed will also deal with all that nasty stuff and uneducated behavior of people. It’s for the very first time that we are going to show a man facing the dark-colored issue.

Before the Parizad drama, we’ve already shown our women facing this problem as well. It would be interesting to watch how gender’s change will bring the required acknowledgment towards the dilemma that people must face on daily basis.

Is Parizaad a typical Saas-bahu storyline drama?

The question is, ” Is Parizad only going to deal with this issue and nothing else in the name of entertainment”? So, the answer is not.

” Parizaad ” Is not your typical saas-bahu saga or romantic comedy, tragedy kind of play at all. It has a lot of content to offer that you are expecting, in fact, more than your expectations.

Written by “Hashim Nadeem” Who is currently trending for all the right or wrong reasons… The writer of “Khuda Aur Mohabbat” & “Raqs e Bismil” To whom almost every drama lover is watching every week….

Rather than having issues with the problematic script, still, they both are blockbuster dramas of the year without any doubt.

I have a few doubts about the Parizaad drama story. What if it turns out to be another Raqs-e-Bismil & Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3…? Because from both the dramas our expectations were super high.

But both failed to create a positive impact on the audience regarding a perfect script and storyline till the end. The same goes for Parizaad.

Our expectations are already much higher than before. Mainly because of the astonishing cast and crew and mega-budget production quality as well!

Hashim Nadeem’s storylines Vs Shehzad Kashmiri direction skills:

Having issues with Hashim Nadeem’s current running play’s storyline, still, I have hopes that Parizad wouldn’t disappoint us.

Previously he has written many masterpieces, like Khuda Aur Mohabbat. So, expectations are high, and we just hope it would not be turned out flawed.

I’m also confident because we’ve got a brilliant director “Shehzad Kashmiri” Who Previously directed blockbuster dramas like “Anaa” & “Sabaat”.

He’s famous for his supremacy in directing the shots beautifully. In his dramas, we certainly enjoy nature especially the grandeur of any scene which is required for an impact on the audience.

Now talking about the grand cast of the drama. Isn’t it amazing we’ve got four leading ladies of our drama industry together in a single project? Indeed, it is.

Parizad drama cast:

parizad drama cast

Urwa Hocane’s character in Parizaad:

Urwa Hocane’s character in parizad is all set to appear once again in a very charming character I would say. From glimpses I’ve assumed she’s a kind of spoilt brat but will eventually have a soft spot with Ahmed’s character.

The journey from being proud to a very pious girl would be interesting for the audience to watch. I would say, after doing “Musk” She’s completely on a rollercoaster ride delivering some unique and refreshing performances.

We are already seeing her in “Neeli Zinda Hai” And loving her avatar as “Neeli”. After doing horror genre, parizad drama is something the box kinda character for her. And we are looking forward to it

Saboor Aly’s character in Parizad drama:

Saboor Aly is also all set to amuse the audience in a tomboy-type, outspoken-natured girl in Parizaad.

From teasers, it looks like she’s going to be a very supportive system for our hero but not romantically. In a very friendly kind of, progressive character. And I’m looking forward to it because she’s very talented and deserves good projects like Parizaad.

She has kind of wasted herself in doing wrong projects but with this drama, she will make an impact.

Ushna Shah’s Character in Parizad drama:

Now talking about another female lead, which is going to be a love interest for a hero (looks like). Yes, I’m talking about “Ushna Shah” Who is looking gorgeous in traditional desi and a Simple avatar.

It is not like we’ve not seen these kinda characters. But Ushna doing this is a refreshing sight to watch. Because previously she’s done a lot of grey and shady characters which were up to the mark.

Her unforgettable negative character in “Balaa” And award-winning performance in a very grey character in “Alif Allah or Insaan” are unforgettable.

Currently, she’s doing absolute justice to her strong and empowered character in ” Aakhir Kab Tak “.

And in Parizaad she will be different from her previous characters as I mentioned already. So, undoubtedly, she’s a versatile actor and after doing this simple, innocent character I’m sure she will prove her versatility in a more impactful way.

Yumna Zaidi’s character in Parizaad:

Lastly, we’ve got our brilliant female lead actor, None other than Yumna Zaidi. I mean look at the range of her outstanding piece of work. What cannot she perform? In Parizaad, her character is different and mysterious I would say.

I’m unable to judge from teasers that what would be her character, but I’m 100% sure this will be worth watching.

And I’m also very curious because previously we’ve seen her in a very small yet significant role of “Shakra” In “Ishq ZaheNaseeb”. Hashim Nadeem himself wrote both

So, I’m assuming is it going to be another special cameo-type role because, in OST, her screen presence timing was small as compared to other female leads.

It’s not like I’m disappointed. I’m super excited for her role because it’s a mystery. Also, she’s working with her favorite costar after a very long time, Ahmed Ali Akbar and we’ve seen their beautiful chemistry in “Yeh Raha Dil” And “Guzarish” Previously.

So, fans are eagerly waiting to watch them together on screen after a long time.

Strong supporting cast observed in parizad trailer:

After female leads, I would like to mention the strongest support cast. Firstly, we’ve got the legendary actor “Nauman Ejaz”.

His name is enough that whatever he’s going to play, it would be perfect and outshining. So, looking forward to him as well, in the supporting cast, we’ve seen glimpses of Nadia Afghan, Mashal Khan, Kiran Tabeer, and many more…

It’s a huge star-studded drama and I just wish that it would be a masterpiece hope so. It’s coming soon and we are forward to it, fact super excited about it so yeah, let’s see what “Parizaad” Will behold for us in the coming days.

Do let us know what your thoughts about the drama are.


What is Parizad novel story?

” Parizad ” Is not your typical saas-bahu saga or romantic comedy, tragedy kind of play at all. It has a lot of content to offer that you are expecting, in fact, more than your expectations. Parizaad is a brand new drama from an amazing production team. The story of the drama is based on a novel written by Hashim Nadeem. Parizaad is a captivating drama with a superb cast and a heart-warming storyline.

How can we see the parizad trailer?

Parizaad trailer can be seen on youtube as it has been aired now.

What is the Parizad drama location?

Parizaad drama location seems to be Islamabad, Pindi, and Karachi

What are Parizad novel characters?

Parizad novel characters and parizad cast is :
Parizaad) by Ahmed Ali Akbar
(Bubli) by Saboor Aly 
(Laila) by Urwa Hocane
(Lubna/ Shahpara Begum) by Mashal Khan 
(Behroz Kareem) by Noman Ijaz
(Naheed) by Ushna Shah
(Qurat-ul-Ain aka Anni) by Yumna Zaidi
 (Bubli’s Mother) by Salma Hasan
(Kanwal) by Tania Amna Hussain
(Ahmed Nasaz) by Adeel Afzal 
(Janoo) by Hassan Shah
(Majid) by Ahmed Taha Ghani 
(Mirza Sahab) by Muhammad Ahmed
(Saeeda) by Kiran Tabeer
(Shoukat aka Shouki) by Raza Ali Abid
(AsgharParizaad’s Brother) by Paras Masroor
(Akbar, Parizaad’s Brother) by Tipu Shah
(Kubra, Parizaad’s Sister-in-law) by Madiha Rizvi 
(Saleem’s Mother) by Tahira Imam 
 (Hajjan Buaa) by Leyla Zuberi
(Salim) by Malik Hamid Raza 

Is Parizad real story?

Parizaad is not a real story it is based on one of the novels written by Hashim Nadeem.

What is parizad meaning?

Parizad meaning is the son of the fairy. It is an Urdu language word and indeed has a very beautiful meaning inside.

Who is the writer of Parizad drama?

Hashim Nadeem is the writer of Parizad novel and Parizad drama.

Who was Parizad?

“Parizaad” details the story of a boy whose family belongs to a very lower-middle-class situation. He is dark-complexioned & considered unattractive by societal standards, which leads to bullying from peers. Despite being taunted, he is able to overcome these obstacles with the right amount of attitude & confidence.

What is Parizad Hum TV Drama Timing?

Parizad has started from 20th July at 8:00 PM only on Hum TV.

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