Qayamat Drama


Qayamat starring Ahsan Khan, Neelam Munir, Amar Khan, Haroon Rashid, and others was one of the most awaited shows of 2021. Cast announcement back in 2020 got everyone excited. Because when you put two amazing actors together, you know that the show is going to be epic. Fans eagerly waited for this show for months.

Qayamat drama story:

Qayamat trailer / Promos revealed that the show will deal with the topic of domestic abuse. The promos were thrilling, and people were excited. We thought that the show will deal with the topic the right way and it did a little bit.

Qayamat Drama

The promos that featured Neelam Munir Khan became the reason for people to give this show a try. Neelam plays the role of Ifra. Ifra is shown as a strong, independent girl who is always on the right path. She never tolerates anything wrong, and she always takes a stand. The promos also hinted at Ifra’s revenge for her sister Samra.

Another reason was Sarwat Nazeer’s writing, she has written some epic shows one of them was ARY’S BESHARAM, but the writing of Qayamat is horrible. It started as a strong show, and it turned into a disaster. But how? Let’s find out.

Bollywood inspired Qayamat

Qayamat has been on the air for the past 33 weeks. It started strong, did well in terms of ratings too. But the latest twist that shows Rashid’s (Ahsan Khan) ex’s return is kind of an Indian serials twist. It happens in Ekta Kapoor shows, that when the lead couple starts falling in love, an ex-girlfriend returns to separate them, the return of Pari is a disappointment in the story.

Another disastrous twist is a new daughter-in-law who claims to be a sweet, innocent, and perfect girl who is evil. No one knows her true intentions, the family thinks she is great but in fact, she is a vamp. And Ifra is failing to expose her, it feels like we’re watching Kasauti Zindagi Kay’s Pakistani version.

Last but not the least, the most stupid storyline is that the house cleaner of Ifra’s father is also evil, she and her son are trying to fool Ifra’s father, they’re trying to take advantage of him and trying to snatch his money.

The disappointment

Qayamat was one of the most awaited shows of 2021 started strong but turned into such a dumb show. It is sad to see talented artists like Ahsan Khan and Neelam Munir being wasted in such a stupid show.

Qayamat drama cast

But that has always been the problem with Geo’s shows, they mention good stories but destroy them by dragging the shows up to more than thirty episodes, not only this they also torture their viewers by repeating 15 minutes of old scenes in every new episode. Geo needs to change its strategy as soon as possible. And Ahsan Khan needs to think about the scripts he’s choosing, first Bandhay Ek Door Se and now Qayamat, Ahsan Khan needs a change.

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