Radhe | No Onscreen Kissing Policy Break of Salman Khan!

Radhe is one of the much-anticipated films of Salman Khan whose trailer just dropped recently and is all set to hit the theatres and release worldwide on the OTT platform simultaneously.

It is releasing not only in India’s theatres but in 40 countries as well including Middle East, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe, among others in the prominent names.

The film will release on Eid ul Fitr, officially on the 13th of May 2021.

Expectations from the Movie

But what we are expecting from Salman Khan’s movie? that’s the real question!! Because the director is none other than “Prabhu Deva” Who directed his super flop film “Race3” In the past.

As there’s nothing new and refreshing in the trailer, we are just hoping that the star power of Salman can save the movie from being called another disaster. Every dialogue seems to be a copy of his films… Including, bodyguard, Wanted, Kick, Ready, and Dabangg, etc.

People are only praising “Randeep Hooda” ‘S acting. As he seems to be the only saving grace of the movie in the name of acting other than Salman Khan’s action-packed sequences in the name of entertainment for the Audience. We all know, expecting logic from Salman Khan’s films is a kind of stupidity, so we can watch it for entertainment purposes only!!

Female Lead in Radhe:

Disha patani radhe

We’ve seen a glimpse of Disha Patani as well in the trailer. Seems like she’s the other “showpiece heroine” of the movie after Jacqueline Fernandez & Katrina Kaif.

We all know expecting a strong female lead character in Salman Khan’s Film is like finding salt in the flour. 

The antagonist in Radhe:

The theme is the same as his previous films served “action”!! Where a hero will fight with an antagonist and maybe that’s all. This time we have a strong antagonist in the face of Randeep Hooda. 

Radhe movie

We just wish that he got the screen presence and the role he deserves. Not the wasted tag for this talented actor. But chances are high that the typical formula of Salman Khan’s films’ story will ruin his name for a while too. Because we all have witnessed many examples of wasting the entire cast n crew in his films.

We’ve also seen a glimpse of “Jackie Shroff” In an important role in the trailer. And he just said in a dialogue from the movie that the character who is playing “Disha Patani” Is her sister. As Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger Shroff is the former (rumored) boyfriend of Disha in real, fans are making hilarious memes on this. He’s calling his son’s girlfriend his sister in a movie that’s something hilarious and interesting as well.

Previous Movies Before Radhe:

Two years ago, in “Bharat”, Salman Khan was last seen in the cinema. The fans are going crazy over his new film. And looks like ” Radhe” will break all the previous records of his movies on the box office collection. But this time, the film is not competing with any other big-budgeted Bollywood movie, but with COVID-19 itself. 

There’s a huge amount of people who are dying on regular basis due to the virus. Will people still go and watch his movie? That would be interesting to watch. Because Salman already announced that the film is also releasing on Zee5’s digital platform as well. So, he can fulfill the loss if the desired number of people will not go to the cinema.

Will Salman Khan be able to save his production money through this film?

Will Radhe save Salman Khan’s money that he spent over producing the movie, or will it be another flop after “Race 3”? Well, we are looking forward to it. We’ve to wait till Eid for the answers.

Salman Khan’s no-kiss policy:

The most important thing which we’ve seen in Radhe’s trailer, Salman Khan is kissing Disha Patani!! This is something out of the world for his fans. As he’s kissing her co-star after a very long time. Looks like he has broken up his “No kissing Policy” For “Radhe” To engage the audience and to attract them as well to come to the cinema hall.

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