Raqs e Bismil

Raqs e Bismil ‘s Finale- Imran Ashraf’s impactful Performace!!

Raqs e Bismil concluded recently and is trending everywhere for the past few days as well. No doubt it was a blockbuster drama of the year. But does it deserve all the applause and appreciation in the form of millions of views and ratings it got? This is our question!!

Hashim Nadeem’s Far From Reality Script in Raqs e Bismil:

When it comes to what will attract the viewers, the answer is fantasy-based far from reality kind of projects. Raqs e Bismil is its fresh example!! The script made no sense and had so many loopholes. Raqs e Bismil had a lot of flawed and objectionable points as well. Still, it got all the positive responses from viewers. This is something really disturbing and a threat to our drama industry as well… 

Raqs e Bismil

It’s unfortunate and we need to think about our only good thing which is still alive and at its peak is our drama industry. We need to ignore the stupidity-based content and to hype the deserving important projects like “Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi” which is not getting recognition sadly.

Those people who crave a beautiful content-based drama, get nothing as they didn’t get more hype and appreciation than it deserves actually. Dramas like Raqs e Bismil with weak content get all the hype, ratings, and views just because it is not representing something that is happening in society? It’s alright that every genre has a different audience. But it’s not alright that the majority is going towards the same “Ghista Pita” Formula dramas. 

Raqs e Bismil and Moosa

Coming back towards Raqs e Bismil I will start from the positives. The biggest positive thing and the only reason for its success is Imran Ashraf’s brilliant and impactful portrayal of “Moosa” The character. He completely nailed his character throughout the drama and outshined as well in all the boring scenes between the rest of the supporting cast. It would be more reasonable to say that he was the only savior of Raqs e Bismil

Raqs e Bismil

The scene in between him and Mehmood Aslam in the last episode where the father-son duo hugged each other was impactful. The other one was the last scene between Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan after Nikah. They both were performing prayers post thankfully to God for their wedding. It was a very refreshing scene between a couple because in every single drama we used to watch the bride sitting on the bed waiting for the groom. It was something new seeing a couple offering prayers. 

The last thing which was positive from the writer in Raqs e Bismil was the ideology of “Never judge anyone over his physical appearance”. We just can’t judge if anyone belongs to a superior family then his character must be very superior and flawless. And someone who belongs to a not so very nice background would be characterless or not respectful

Regressive and Weak Portrayal of Female Characters in Drama :

Not only In Raqs e Bismil, in Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3 we are already witnessing the regressive female lead character of Maahi played by Iqra Aziz. And here we’ve seen Sarah Khan as Zohra the weakest, dumbest and annoying character I would say. 

Raqs e Bismil

She regrets in the whole drama being a call girl. After marrying, still regretting not getting the respect a wife deserves according to her in society. After getting a divorce, still regretting her identity and past. What is this obsession of showing female lead characters in a dilemma of being inferior to everyone? 

Not only Zohra, but Sakina the character played by Anoushay Abbasi was also regressive and impact less. Such talented actresses are wasted! Then the most awaited debut of Zara Sheikh as Laila Jee was the weirdest, dumbest and regressive character too!! Alas, there was no scene of her in the last episode. What was the need of her character if her conclusion wasn’t so important to show?

Final Verdict:

I would rate it 5/10 stars. If you are an Imran Ashraf fan, then definitely his performance is a treat to watch. Otherwise, there’s nothing so much to offer so yeah that’s all for Raqs e Bismil. Hope for better content based dramas in future

You can watch the last episode of Raqs e Bismil here
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