Raqs e Bismil

Raqs e Bismil Drama – Trending For All The Wrong Reasons?

Raqs e Bismil drama is one of the top trending Dramas right now. From the beginning, it hooked the audience and ruled the Trp’s charts. For the Audience, it served the fresh plot. 

The unique storyline with powerful performances from the supporting cast to the main lead. After Mushk, everyone’s eyes were on Imran Ashraf that what he’s up to in this drama.

And he nailed the first episode with his powerful performance. The audience fell in love with his character “Moosa”.He is the only main highlight of the drama. His character is engaging, powerful, and relatable. Maybe that’s why the audience connected with this “flawed” Storyline so much.

What went wrong? That Raqs e bismil loses all his charm and charisma?

After the drama serial Sabaat, Sarah Khan was also the talk of the town. People were waiting for her next project. And her presence as “Zohra” Was magical yet strong in the initial episodes.

Raqs e Bismil drama

Sarah Khan in Raqs e Bismil

Of course, the reason includes the problematic script of “Hashim Nadeem” And the direction flaws of “Wajahat Rauf”. They failed to create the same magic continuously as it was from the beginning of the drama. 

The audience is still watching Raqs e Bismil Drama, and appreciating it… Only for the performance of Imran Ashraf!!.

But to be honest, I found the performance of Imran Ashraf a bit over the top in some scenes…. 

No doubt he’s a phenomenal actor, but here in the character of Moosa, he had to show his all sides. 

And the only side which was relatable and enjoyable for the audience was his angry mode. But not the light, calm and cool ‘Moosa’. As a character, he portrayed every emotion as it was required according to the situation.

The rest of the supporting cast including Momin Saqib, Anoushay Abbasi, Mehmood Aslam, Nida Mumtaz, Gul E Rana even The main lead actress Sarah Khan are becoming irritating for the audience to watch.

Zara Sheikh debut in Raqs e Bismil Drama:

The most anticipated entry of “Zara Sheikh” Failed to leave any impact on the audience as well. We were hoping that the character would be something refreshing or treat to watch, as the former actress is making her tv debut as she was one of the top listed actresses of Lollywood in past.

Her accent and way of speaking are not only weird but awkward too. It also becomes torture for me to watch.

Raqs e Bismil drama

Sarah Khan’s Performance in Raqs e Bismil Drama:

Sarah Khan, on the other hand, is doing justice to her character, this is a writing flaw that her character is seeming to be a weak and foolish kind of woman.

She’s been wasted in Raqs e Bismil, Alas!. It’s not just her character is ordinary, but her acting is also weak and not up to the mark.

Problems with the scripts in Raqs e Bismil Drama:

Zohra came from a background where she used to be a former prostitute. And after the wedding, she’s behaving like a very innocent, respectable kind of woman. Why? We have no such clarity on that.

She’s been abused and slapped by her husband, even after her marriage. I’m just not feeling happy about it as it’s not required at all. Then why they are normalizing the “Thappad”?. This is such a huge disappointment.

The whole Zara Sheikh and her husband’s track is becoming uninteresting and painful to watch. The central characters seem to be supporting the “supporting cast”.

It is very sad, that a drama that started well, in the mid is becoming a huge disappointment for all of us. They need to work on their script and directorial flaws.

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