Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar #Chingariyaan – Strong performance on the sad reality of Life!

Baaghi Girl Saba Qamar just dropped a dope video on her birthday which she released on her Official YouTube Channel. Video Called “Chingariyaan” Is a beautiful concept of visualizing a meaningful story with amazing vocals of “Mustafa Zahid”.

The concept of this 5-minute-long duration video is about Love, Loss, And About “Life Goes On”.

It’s directed so brilliantly that you will eventually fall in love with its beauty.

Saba Is looking mesmerizing in every single shot.

Saba Qamar Performance:

She ruled the screen. Her every single frame was mind-blowing and expressions on her face defined her pain so beautifully.
I thought if Mermaid could exist in real life, then definitely she would look like her.

The story was Relatable Af! Recently she announced her breakup and now this video… She looked like a broken Angel.
But, her fans know she believes in Life Goes On, so this phenomenon defines it v well.

Saba Qamar and Emmad Irfani:

The video also features her #Cheekh ‘s co-star “Emmad Irfani in a very small yet significant role.
He presented her beautiful phase of life.

Saba Qamar and Emmad

Where the mermaid was happy with her love of life.
Where she lived fully and appreciated happiness, joy, and bliss
And then…? A reason…!! He disappeared from her life….
And she? She was as dead inside…

But her breathing was still there, as it was like her heart Is dead… But still, the heart was beating!!
Life Goes On…
It never stops.

Life’s incomplete Desires:

But… The Incomplete Desires…
The memories of the Past, her beautiful Phase of life, which unfortunately isn’t a part of her life anymore, sets her on Fire!!!
This pain of fire… It kills her…

Saba Qamar

And then she jumps into the water so to make her soul feel better
To calm herself from inside
This water, helps her to live one more time… And this circle continues again n again…
This relationship of Fire and Water…

This is her life!!!
Beautiful composition, aesthetic presentation! A masterpiece of Art.

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