Shadow and bones


Shadow and Bone Review:

Shadow and Bone have an ensemble cast but mainly it revolves around Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) & General Kerrigan (Ben Barnes). Based on the best-selling books of the same name, this show was the most awaited Netflix series of 2021. Released on 23rd April, it belongs to the fantasy genre and consists of eight episodes. But is it worth watching or not! Let’s find out.

The storyline of Shadow and Bone:

Split into two separate worlds by a magical entity called “The Shadow Fold”, they both lived in Ravka. No one can go inside this fold because it consists of dangerous monsters that can kill you in a second. The East and West Ravka are torn between the fold. They need to find out a way to travel through the fold by defeating the monsters. Whereas the West Ravka needs food, supplies, and other equipment.

Alina, who is an orphan possesses some great powers that can kill the monsters and travel through the fold. A dangerous incident led her to reveal her powers in front of the world which Alina has always hidden. the power of light.

General Kerrigan orders his men to bring her to him when they discovered her power. Together they hatch a plan to travel through the fold, to defeat the monsters, and save the dying west Ravka.

Shadow and bone

The twist in the Storyline:

But a dark force called Darkling is lurking around Alina and wants something from her. The Darkling has set his plan in motion for Alina, and it is a dangerous one. Alina is swayed into a whole new world that changes everything for her as she had a simple orphaned life before. General Kerrigan offers her special training so that she can enhance her powers and use them in the right way.

With a twist, it was revealed that the Darkling lives inside the palace of General Kerrigan and he is a bigger threat than the fold. It’s a race against time for Alina and Kerrigan not only do they need to destroy the fold and the creatures inside it, but they also must save the dying west Ravka, and Who is the Darkling? Is General Kerrigan the savior he claims to be or is he something else? Watch and find out.

Review: of shadow and bone

The show has eight episodes and each episode’s runtime is almost 60 mins. Shadow and Bone started with an interesting premise, but it is painfully slow, there is less adventure and more talking. The series takes too much time in developing the main storyline. But if you don’t give up, it gets you all hooked up by the time it reaches episode five. So, in my opinion, it was an average show that took too much time to start the main storyline. If you reach episode five, you’ll like it. And the cliffhanger in the last episode is mind-blowing. Shadow And Bone is a decent one-time watch. It could’ve been much better if it wasn’t so slow.

Rating it to be 3/5.

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