Shiddat- A Typical Romantic Masala Movie in A Delicious Wrapper!

The recently Released OTT Movie “Shiddat” Has got a lot of buzz around the audience. Today we are going to review it for you out there in detail so it would have been easier for u to decide that you should watch it or not…

Produced by Bhushan Kumar and Dinesh Vijan. It is beautifully directed and executed by Kunal Deshmukh & written by Dheeraj Ratan, Shiddat movie has made a grey impact on the audience’s mind. I feel it was a refreshing thing to experiment with. Though the story was flawed, even the main lead characters were not so relatable at some points, but also on the other hand, enjoyable and fun to watch too. At some point, the characters annoy you, on the contrary, they made you feel for them too…

And I guess that’s the beauty of their impactful and natural performances and the vision of the director I would like to prioritize over the writer. To be very honest there was nothing new in the name of the story like Bollywood badly needs some good writers for their upcoming movies, an attractive screenplay, a refreshing storyline that would be a success to grab the attention of the audience naturally.

Music in the Movie:

Music is the plus point of the movie, which adds up beauty to it. I mean in a typical formula Bollywood movie, you expect such marvelous songs and extremely attractive tunes which hooked you up to watch the movie till the end. It’s music composed by Sachin-Jigar, Manan Bhardwaj, and Gourov Dasgupta, and I’ve to say they did a commendable job.

You will surely love the title track of Shiddat. It is in the melodious voice of Manan Bhardwaj & of course the female version of it as well in the unique and lovely voice of Yohani. She has such an aesthetically peaceful aura in her voice and way of expressing through her unique style of singing that you eventually fall in love with her voice…

Plot Of the Movie and Central Characters:

Starring Radhika Madan, Mohit Raina, Diana Penty & marking the debut of Sunny Kaushal who previously appeared in several music videos. He got appreciation as well for having a heroic and charming personality. His song with Neha Kakkar “Taaroun Ke Sheher Mein ” Was a huge hit and he got the opportunity to express himself in that song as well.

But this time, he proved that acting is in their genes like how we can forget his brother Vickey Kaushal who is such an amazing actor. He has already proved himself in Bollywood with his impactful performances in many Bollywood films like Sanju, Raazi, URI, etc…

Sunny Kaushal Performance in Shiddat:

Talking about Sunny Kaushal’s performance I would say that was raw and natural… This is kinda easier for any actor to portray because you don’t have to act for that, you just must be yourself while performing on camera as well . I guess Sunny did it amazingly… A boy who is carefree, cheerful, happy, and madly in love with a girl will eventually behave like him he did in the movie…

Radhika Madan in Shiddat:

The other main lead Radhika Madan shined as well though I find her character mean and unattractive to some extent as well… Because maybe it was written that way … To be less deep and shallow, to be more practical, to be more like today’s modern girl…

But then what? it’s not a reality. It’s a typical Masala romantic formula movie, so u must be emotional, you must change your nature for that… And guess what, she did it beautifully!!  It could have been more convincing I believe but that’s only my opinion, fans of Radhika don’t have to agree on that statement…!!

Performance of Mohit Raina in Shiddat:

Now moving forward talking about an important character, the second lead played by Mohit Raina. He did absolute justice to his role, acted perfectly, shined bright as well… But I’m hugely disappointed with both makers and the actress herself as well. Yes, I’m talking about Diana Penty.


Why did she take this character? Like why? Wasn’t she offered such good lead characters to play in the past that she must agree on playing this side character? Not even a proper second heroine I would say.

 It was such a short and less important role in the film which could’ve been played by anyone. Why she?? Yes, I’m raising questions about the casting director of the movie and Diana Penty as well… Talking about her performance it was naturally portrayed I felt, moreover her chemistry with Mohit Raina was beautiful. It is relatable to some extent as well.

Her character was short and crisp, she did justice to it no doubt, but it wasn’t worth it for her… It’s high time for her to pick quality work instead of doing these crap things else she’ll destroy her carrier which isn’t a good thing I guess… (just a sincere suggestion from a viewer who Admires her persona… Who liked her in Cocktail and further projects of her including music videos as well)

Final Verdict:

So here is the Shiddat movie review in a nutshell:

The first prominent negative is its typical not so refreshing storyline and the other one is its unnecessary dragging. Like it was Two and a half an hour-long running duration movie which was kind of hectic to watch. Still, it managed to entertain us, like the second half of the movie is kind of fast-paced and hooked you up so yeah it got balanced out somewhere!!

I would rate it 7 on 10 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!! A good one-time watch movie … Definitely u can watch it if u r romantic Bollywood movies lover and the songs are beautiful as well as mentioned earlier!!

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What is a shiddat movie story?

Shiddat movie story revolves around a romantic couple. It is a Bollywood story that has no new flavor to offer but still manages to entertain its audience.

shiddat movie release on which platform?

You can watch Shiddat Movie online on Disney as well as Hotstar

What is Shiddat meaning?

Shiddat meaning corresponds to intensity in something or someone.

What is the Shiddat release date in theaters?

There is no Shiddat release date in theaters as it is an OTT movie. It was released on Disney and Hotstar on 1st October 2021

Who sang shiddat song?

Shiddat song Is sung by Manan Bhardwaj in his melodious voice.