Transgenders Need to be Accepted Now!

It’s 2021, but still, in the matter of Transgenders, our thinking is the victim of narrow minds.

Why Transgenders are at target?!

  • We can’t accept them the way they are?
  • Can’t they live with their parents?
  • Their parents hate them and kick them off from their houses?

Is this necessary for them to face people’s bullying, negative judgemental comments, hate & criticism?

This is just the basic problem of their lives. They even don’t consider it the problem. Because from their childhood, they have already become aware of all these social taboos. It’s extremely unfortunate. Because I just could not find any solid reason for all of this like it’s their fault being transgender?

No, it’s not. Or what’s wrong with it? Can’t a human being live his life to what attracts him naturally? Does this so-called social pressure kill everybody’s dreams?. Why does this society make them forced to live their lives according to their rules and regulations, customs, traditions, and all?.

Normalize Transgenders in your society:


Why we just can’t focus on our own lives rather than ruining other’s life by making them feel guilty for what they are doing for their selves.
Why can’t we normalize Transgenders getting an education from schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions?

Transgender Job issues in all over the world:

Why can’t we normalize Transgenders getting jobs, according to their educational criteria and skillful experiences?
When we will change this derogatory and extremely disgusting behavior towards them? 

Transgenders Respect in Society:

When we will start thinking of them as human beings and will give them their rights? At least they deserve the same respectful life as we all are living.

They don’t deserve to beg on roads, streets, and signal points.
They don’t deserve sexual harassment on daily basis.

No human deserves this:


They don’t deserve this disrespectful sight of society towards them
It’s high time to change our toxic thinking and educate our children to be kind and nice to them which our ancestors failed to teach us.
This unnecessary filth for them needs to be clean now. Not only women are equal to men, but Transgenders are also equal.
As God created us all. And we are no one to divide this equality meter for any of the genders that exist.

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