Saba Qamar Break up

Why did Saba Qamar Break Up with Azeem Khan?

Saba Qamar break up news is circulating a lot nowadays. She is one of the Top Rated and Most Successful actresses of The Nation. Recently she just decided to get married to a person named “Azeem Khan”. And After that, she got a lot of criticism and negative response from People.

Even someone alleged Azeem of his bad Reputation and misogynistic nature. Particularly his bad behavior with women.

In response to that, Azeem made a proper video and posted it on his Instagram handle addressing those hate comments that he doesn’t care about them… He asked them to come up with a proper channel name and then he will address those questions and allegations.
Saba Qamar wrote down a comment under that post “I trust You”.
And it became almost official that they are going to marry and Saba doesn’t care about the allegations at all
But we don’t know what exactly happened after that, today, she just announced breaking up with Azeem Khan.

Saba Qamar Break up with Azeem Khan:

Saba qamar break up

And In response to that Azeem Also accepted his fault.

Azeem khan response on saba qamar break up

Now people are praising Saba for her decision that “dair aaye durust aaye”.
I feel really bad for Saba that why she gets trapped in controversies Unintentionally.

After “Baaghi” People used to call her “Qandeel Baloch”. Because of her bold photoshoots, she used to post on her social media.
Last year her song came out with Bilal Saeed called “Qubool Hai” And she had to face court for allegedly disrespecting Mosque’s Holiness where they shoot for a scene in song.

These Controversies proved that she’s the undisputed queen of the Pakistan Entertainment Industry and People Are very much interested in her every move. But This news is very sad and all we can do is pray for her. Because it was a very tough decision to call it off with a person with whom she just recently announced her relationship.

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